Edelbrock/Carter AFB Four Barrel Carburetor Manual

The Edelbrock carburetor is a square bore universal style replacement carburetor. It is nearly a direct copy of the popular Carter AFB four barrel and parts between the two carbs often directly interchange. They feature a two-piece all-aluminum construction for cooler operating temperatures, no gaskets below the fuel bowl level for fewer leaks and no plastic parts or power valves to blow out. Two-step metering rods to allow custom tuning of cruise and power circuits. The metering rods can be changed without disassembling the carb to further simplify the tuning process. Edelbrock offers a selection of rods to zero in on optimum calibration for the engine although due to nature of this carb it is relatively forgiving directly “out of the box”. A mechanical secondary air velocity valve senses airflow depending on demand and automatically regulates a smooth transition from part throttle to wide open throttle.

Edelbrock Four Barrel Carburetor Manual
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  1. Justin Keithline said,
    February 25, 2014 @ 5:51 pm

    I have a carter afb number on carb is ecz-9510-aa i put in a rebuild kit soaked it over night put everything back exactly as it came out . i wrote down all the jet locations the venturi part numbers to return them all in their exact locations. i kept all the left side parts separate from the right side.
    The floats are good and look like new i had to use the old accel pump and dashpot valve. the leathers on them felt good not very stiff and still flexable easily. The new accel pump did not fit down into the bore that came with the kit.
    My vac secondary diaphram isnt new but is good.
    The problem with the carb is its trying to open the 4 bbl flaps all the time with it running. at idle it runs rough and dies if you move the throttle it opens the 4bbl flaps and revs way high and wont come back down. with the vac secondary diaphram unhooked the carb runs excellent!
    Ive made sure all the linkages look good and are hooked up correctly compared to any photographs i have found with this carb.
    Whats wrong? This carb hasnt been used since 1970 is there a check ball missing or something?
    Its on a very fresh 292 y block only 500 miles on rebuild.
    thank you for your time

  2. Anibal Santiago said,
    August 14, 2014 @ 11:42 pm

    I have a 750 carv n I like to learn how to work on my carv cuz I realy don’t like to ask people for help I always ben like lol plus I don’t like it when other people play with my car…thank u so much for ur help

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