Adjusting Competition Engineering Drag Racing Shocks

The Shock Ratio represents the percentage of force required to compress the shock compared to the force
required to extend it. Before installation for the first time or before adjustment the following procedure should be followed;

1. Competition Engineering Shocks like the majority of shocks that are used on automobiles are designed to be installed in a up and down position. When a new shock is being warehoused and then transported, it is laid on it’s side and moved around at different angles. This could lead to air entering the shock, which during use will bleed out. The air itself does not damage the shock but to make the shock ratio adjustment easier, it is best to purge the air from it. This can be accomplished by holding the shock upright, perpendicular to the ground with the piston shaft facing up. Compress and then extend the piston about 10 times, which will purge the air from the shock.
(Please note: If the shock is held sideways or with the piston shaft facing the ground and the piston shaft is compressed and then extended, this will allow air to enter the shock.)

2. After purging the air, hold the shock upright with the piston shaft facing up. Now compress the piston fully, once the piston is fully compressed rotate the setting indicator clockwise for several revolutions until you can hear”clicks” coming from the shock. This action fully engages the adjustment mechanism.

3. Rotate the notch indicator to the desired setting. See chart below:

Adjustment Chart: Shock Ratio

Setting Front Shocks Rear Shocks
R 60/40 50/50
F 80/20 40/60
XF 90/10 30/70

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